Quick Start Guide

Are you working on a SAML Single Sign-On project and need a simple way to test your Service Provider? Get started below.

1. Add your Service Provider

The first step of SAML integration is to install a suitable Service Provider into your application to act as a connector. If you are new to Single Sign-On you can read more about SAML and Single Sign-On concepts over at the knowledge base.

If you have a Service Provider installed and ready to go, the next step is to connect it with this SAML Test IdP.

Please note: your Service Provider will not be made public or visible to any other user of this test SAML IdP.

2. Click on the verification link sent to your email

Once you have registered your Service Provider, a verification email containing an activation link will be sent to your inbox.

After clicking the link you will be asked a series of questions to configure the integration. Once complete, your Service Provider will be activated for 24 hours, after which it will be deleted automatically.

3. Add this test IdP metadata to your Service Provider

Once your Service Provider is active, the last step is to add this test IdP's metadata to your Service Provider. That will complete the handshake process.

4. Test the login process

Using the credentials setup during step 2, attempt to login to the test IdP from your Service Provider.
If everything was setup correctly, you should be logged in.

At this point you're done! You are now ready to connect your application to other Identity Providers. We hope you found this free tool useful.